The B&M Property Solutions Purchasing Process

B&M Purchasing Process [No Title]

Above is an image describing the B&M Property Solutions Purchasing Process that is designed to help us achieve our goal of helping to positively transform lives through real estate. There are eight steps involved in our purchasing process from our initial conversation to closing. Each step has its unique sub-steps, systems and team members involved to help make sure you achieve a successful sale. The entire purchasing process can be completed in as few as seven (7) days!

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  • Initial Conversation: this is the first step in our process to get to know you, your situation and determine if we can help
  • Research & Test: we review available public information to vet several potential outcomes
  • Discuss Solutions: we further discuss your specific situation, the results of our analysis and determine potential options
  • Agreement Signed: we sign a simple agreement to document our potential path forward
  • Legal Due Diligence: we engage a specialist law firm to perform legal due diligence to check for claims against the property
  • Physical Due Diligence: we engage a variety of specialists to review the physical condition of the property
  • Business Due Diligence: we verify the purchase of your property makes business sense through various means
  • Closing: we sign final paperwork to execute your sale and our purchase of the property