Research & Test

Research and Testing with B&M Property Solutions

We go into the Research & Testing phase of the B&M Purchasing Process directly after our initial conversation with you. The goal of this phase is to execute a preliminary purchasing evaluation of your property. B&M research and evaluation team performs extensive, neighborhood-level research to understand the specific trends and developments in your neighborhood. Our professionals review a wide range of data including the details previously shared with us about the condition of your property, property sales, active and pending sales, rental rates and a variety of other market data (e.g. construction costs) to determine ways we can create potential win/win solutions for you and B&M.

After we’ve prepared our initial analysis, we progress to the next stage in the B&M Purchasing Process, Discussing Potential Solutions.

B&M Purchasing Process

Initial Conversation >> Research & Test >> Discuss Solutions >> Agreement Signed >> Legal Due Diligence >> Physical Due Diligence >> Business Due Diligence >> Closing